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19th Feb 2021, 3:05 PM


Been awhile

Previous Blog | Next Blog It's been awhile since I posted a blog.. Generally I will post minor updates in the author comments of pages.
Well, as you may have guessed, I'm currently working full time at my job and don't have as much time to work on comic stuff. I am, however, still very slowly working on the comic.. I post pretty regularly on the twitter account, so go check that out if you want to.
I'm trying to switch to part time for medical reasons (my entire left leg has muscle strain from overworking and I have constant fatigue). Unfortunately I'll be losing my benefits (insurance) but otherwise I'll have more time to work on the comic.
I currently have about 12 pages in progress that will be up for supporters on SubscribeStar soon. I'm working on them in batches. :)
I also am planning on manufacturing an enamel pin within the next couple months, so keep an eye out for that!!
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20th Feb 2021, 6:41 AM


Ah, insurance - otherwise known as legalized gambling. Insurance's roots go back to the days of merchant princes looking for ways to hedge their bets, within which context people like Blaise Pascal developed the mathematics of probability and what I still call sadistics, all of which still underlies all actuarial tables. Within this context I maintain that gambling, especially insurance, does not belong in the administration of the well-being of citizens, especially the administration of health-and-wellness care. Berate your legislators one and all until universal single-payer medical care is in place.

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